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This document outlines the Terms and Conditions of the scheme utilized by Drifting SA to accredit photographers and other media personnel covering Drifting events in South Australia. The accreditation of photographer/media personnel by Drifting SA may have no relevance to any track owner or event organiser in South Australia. The final say on any privileges for any photographer/media personnel at any level of Accreditation at any event rests entirely with the Clerk of the Course (or Senior Track Marshall) at that event.

Drifting SA Photographer and Media Accreditation Sub Committee

The Drifting SA Media Sub-Committee reports directly to the Board which has drawn up and administers Drifting SA Photographer and Media Accreditation. Any photographer or media personnel wishing to gain Accreditation must do so only through that Sub-Committee. Any feedback must come only through that Sub-Committee.

Levels of Accreditation

There are two levels of Drifting SA Photographer and Media Accreditation. First time applicants may choose to apply for Level 2 accreditation only. However, the Sub-Committee reserves the right to determine the appropriate level of accreditation for successful applicants.

Level 2 Accreditation

Level 2 accreditation is the base entry-level category and indicates that the photographer or media personnel are competent and active at local club and state level motor sport events. Typically, the photographer or media personnel will focus mainly on servicing their local motor sport community including clubs, competitors, event organizers, local media outlets and social network sites.

Level 1 Accreditation

Level 1 accreditation indicates that the photographer/media personnel is competent, experienced and active as a motor sport photographer/media personnel and displays a higher degree of professionalism in a commercial sense that their work is currently being published by third parties. The photographer/media personnel will need to show venue operators, event organizers or promoters at events that they have an assignment which requires their presence and appropriate privileges in accordance with their accreditation.

Selection Criteria

Applicants for Level 1 Accreditation must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Demonstrate a superior ability in the creation of images/video/article that depict the sport;
  • Demonstrate a high degree of quality and professionalism with their photography/videography/writing that is equivalent to the standard you would see in major motor sport publications or equivalent;
  • Demonstrate relevant experience in the motor sport area including a variety of previous work undertaken that will present the applicants abilities and prior experience;
  • Show previous published work from magazines, articles, journals, websites, newspapers, etc;
  • Provide references and testament relating to the quality of previous work that has been completed and level of professionalism;
  • Use high quality equipment e.g. photographic equipment; and
  • Be assessed only on their current motor sport photographic/media work (i.e. images/media taken within the last five years). N.B. Images/Videos/Articles of other sports will normally not be taken into account.

Benefits for Drifting SA Accredited Photographers and Media include:

  • AASA, Racers, or CAMS Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance coverage (which is only valid upon signing the appropriate AASA, Raceline or CAMS photographers disclaimer at each event);
  • Recognition as a Drifting SA Accredited Photographer/Media, including listing on the Drifting SA website; and
  • Representation through the Drifting SA Photographer Accreditation Sub Committee where the body can take issues and requests for improvements to photographer conditions to appropriate forums.

Motor Racing is Dangerous

In all instances, Drifting SA Accredited Photographers are fully aware that motor racing is dangerous and accidents can happen. They formally acknowledge that they have been warned that there is the possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage.

Photographer/Media Briefing

All Drifting SA Accredited Photographers/Media MUST attend any Photographer/Media Briefing held at the commencement of any event.

If a separate Photographer/Media Briefing is not held prior to the commencement of the event, then Drifting SA Accredited Photographers/Media personnel MUST attend the Driver’s Briefing.

If Drifting SA Accredited Photographer/Media personnel arrive after any all briefings have occurred, then they will only have the same access rights of any General Admission member of the public UNTIL they have been briefed and authorized by the Clerk of the Course (or Senior Track Marshall in the absence of a Clerk of the Course).

Compliance with Briefing

All Drifting SA Accredited Photographers/Media are at all times whilst at an event at the direction of the Clerk of the Course (or Senior Track Marshall in the absence of a Clerk of the Course).

The Clerk of the Course (or Senior Track Marshall in the absence of a Clerk of the Course) may specify different access privileges for Photographers/Media with different levels of Accreditation (Level 1/ Level 2).

Failure to heed the direction of the Clerk of the Course (or Senior Track Marshall in the absence of a Clerk of the Course) will result in immediate withdrawal of any privileges related to a Drifting SA Accredited Photographer/Media at that event. In addition, the Drifting SA Media Accreditation Sub-Committee may withdraw or amend any ongoing accreditation.

Property in Images

Any images recorded or taken at an event by a Drifting SA Accredited Photographer may be used by Drifting SA to promote Drifting in South Australia in accordance with the constitution of Drifting SA.

Accordingly, when asked by Drifting SA or its representative, any images recorded or taken shall be delivered within 5 working days in a format suitable for publishing (free of any watermark) to Drifting SA or its representative.

Whilst reasonable effort will be made by Drifting SA, no guarantee can be given that the image(s), if used, will be attributed to the Photographer.


For clarification of any points or to obtain further information, do not hesitate to contact the Drifting SA Media sub-committee board members. Additionally, the required samples of works to be submitted must be sent to one of the sub-committee with completed application form.

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