Vehicle Requirements

Not sure what your car needs to be allowed out on track? Well you are in the right place. 

Below is a guide to the requirements for events that we run. This isnt the complete list but its all the most important info you should need in one easy to read place. A full listing of requirements will be within the supp regs of the event you want to enter.

Passenger seat & harness must meet the rules layed out below just like the drivers, otherwise there is no specific passenger or non passenger requirements. Passengers are allowed in all non competition sessions however only one passenger is permissable in the car at a time.

Convertibles (Mx5,e36,ect) without roll over protection are severely limited in what they are allowed to do. If you have a convertible without a halfcage then please contact us before entering a event so we can advise you on car & event basis.  

Requirements for all events.

  • Battery is secure.
  • Seats are properly mounted.
  • Seat belts work correctly & have no rips or tears.
  • No loose body work or items in cabin.
  • Fuel system is seperated from the driver by a firewall. (For cars with modified fuel system, stock fuel systems will be fine).
  • All cars fitted with a racing harness's must not go down to the floor at more than a 45 degree angle.
  • Brake lights & rear hazard lights.
  • Crack free windscreen.

Drift School & Skidpan Requirements

For Drift School & Skidpan we have very low requirements. Brand new cars could drive out of the showroom straight to these events &  have no issues or modifications needed.

To clarify, standard ADR seat belts are fine & you are not required to have a rollcage or fire extingisher. (Though if you do thats fine too). 

Hint: if you are doing Drift school then make sure your diff isnt going to open wheel, standard LSD's have a tendency to do this. Its in no way a rule to get on track however its the number one issue our students have during the school. 

Practice & Freestyle events (inc Winterfest/Locktoberfest)

Headlights will be required for events that will be happening at night.

These days have two classes:

  • Intermediate Class: Has a shorter run up to limit speed & a rule against having more that two cars drifting together. As such the rules are the same as Drift School & Skidpan.
  • Advanced Class: Has a full lenght run up & you can run trains of cars. As such we require a minimum of 3 point racing harness (not OEM) & a half cage.

L2 & L1 Competition

For competiton we require a minimum of a 3 point racing harness (Cannot Use OEM Seat belts).

Must have ADR door bars fitted inside the doors, if ADR door bars are not fitted then a suffiecent alternative like a MA/AASA safety cage with side intrusion will be needed instead.

We also require a minmum of half cage that meets MA/AASA specs or a full cage that is mass producted but does not meet MA /AASA Specs (Cusco & other Japanese brand). If your car does not meet these requirements, please read below

Roll Cage grace period.

We do have a grace period where the rollcage requirements do not apply for those new to the sport.

  • L2 we give a grace period of full season (ie rnd 2 2021 to Rnd 2 2022).
  • L1 we give less grace to, so the grace period is for the first event you enter in L1, regardless of year or season entered.

Tire Requirements

For competition we have a tire rule to keep it fair & costs down. We only limit the width & brand/model of the tyre. So size of the rim is open & so is tyre hieght.

Below is a table with vehicle chassis & the max tyre width. You can have a smaller width tyre if you choose.

The list of tyre brand/models that are eligable to compete are emailed out with the event info pack. If you need to know before then or if you are hoping to get another tyre approved then please contact us via email (

Weight Category


Max tyre width

Super Light

Toyota KE70/AE71/AE86


Holden TX-TG Gemini

Mazda NA-NB MX5

Light Weight

Mazda NC-ND MX5


Mazda FB RX7

Toyota A60 Celica/Supra

Toyota T140 Corona

Nissan S12 Gazelle

Nissan 910 Bluebird


Nissan A31/C33/C34/C35


Nissan R30-V36 Skyline

Nissan Z31-Z34 Z Car

Nissan S13-S15 Silvia

Toyota XE10 Altezza

Toyota A70/A80 Supra

Toyota X80-X110 Chaser

Toyota Z20-Z40 Soarer

Toyota GT86

Ford XE-AU Falcon

Holden VB-VS Commodore

Mazda FC-FD RX7

Mazda Bravo

BMW E30-G20 3 Series

Subaru Liberty/Legacy

Heavy Weight

Holden Commodore VT-VF


Ford BA-FG Falcon

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